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Equipment Accessories ,electrical & electronics accessories and others

We supply all sort of equipment for marine Industries which includes, centrifuges, main propulsion, deck machinery like turning gears, elevators, rudder carriers, pumps, winches, windlasses and cranes. battery,marine wiper blades, boat fittings, blocks, chain, barometers, motor cables, steering cables,

Global positioning systems, radios,, hooks, fids, lever hoists,, alloy chain, compasses, marine lights, nets, shackles, rigging screws, pilot ladders, rope, flares and pyrotechnics,wireless radio monitors, steel wire rope, oars and pumps. self-priming centrifugal, skid mounted, submersible, suction, portable & sprinkler system pumps, foam proportioning systems and compressed air foam systems.


Fire & safety and securities Systems

fire protection systems include the use of fire detectors, fire hose, fire sprinkler, heat and smoke detection, and emergency air systems,fire alarm, elevator recall, security, card access, CCTV & door entry systems, fire extinguishers,we also provide safety gears like marine helmets.

Pressure suits and life vests, supply anchors, marine floats,life rafts,fenders & buoys,first aid kit,life jackets, marine torches, life jacket lights, life rings,mob rescue,safety cones,buoys,lifeguard rescue buoy,rescue guard,safety glasses,safety helmets,signal horns. .


Process instrumentation & fittings

Marine electronics include stray currents, wires and cables, bonding and lightning protection and fuses, breakers and switches. CABLE ACCESSORIES CONTROLS GAS DETECTORS (Oxygen, Flammable & Toxic FIELD INSTRUMENTATION (Temperature, Level, Pressure, Flow)INSTRUMENTATION FITTING/GAUGES Semiconductors

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